InupiaQ Alaska Group, LLC is proud to be a SEAPORT-e PRIME Contractor and be able to bring quality support services for NAVSEA Executive Offices, Directorates, and Field Activities.

InupiaQ Alaska Group, LLC's Team Members are listed below with links to their capabilities and areas of expertise:   

        - Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

        - Kochur Trummer Corporation

        - Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems

Quality Assurance is embedded in the internal business practices of the company and in InupiaQ Alaska Group, LLC's delivery model for projects and programs.  The underlying foundation for InupiaQ Alaska Group, LLC's QA program is the proper definition of the assignment to include understanding what is the needed level of technical expertise for compliance, the reporting requirements to ensure communications are successful, planning to ensure milestones are identified and agreed to, scheduling to ensure visibility of forecasted work, tracking to ensure accountability, and implementing the work with the right skills and resources.  InupiaQ Alaska Group, LLC employees practice Quality Assurance which is led from the top.  After the internal QC process, all documents or products, regardless of originator, are reviewed by at least one designated and independent QA Reviewer.

Most recent conformed copies of SEAPORT-e Task Orders:

The Points of Contact for the SEAPORT-e program or for Customer Satisfaction may be reached at which will reach the company's leadership team.